Bright Red Chinese Wedding at Kew Gardens – Peter & Lucy

Peter and Lucy were married earlier this year in the stunning Cambridge Cottage at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew followed by a Chinese 12 course banquet at Phoenix Palace in Marylebone, London. Having grown up in Hong Kong, I have a soft spot for anything Asian and I sometimes think if we had gone a different way in designing our big day, it would have been amazing to go for a full on Chinese celebration. Thank goodness for OMG so now I can live vicariously through every single bride I feature!

Peter and Lucy’s overall colour palette was a very traditional red, cream and gold. All 3 of Lucy’s dresses were made in Hong Kong, as was Peter’s suit. Lucy’s mum and best friend Katie hand made all the ties, cravats, cushions and ribbons for the chairs in addition to piecing together the wedding party buttonholes.

A bit about working with Martins Kikulis:
We loved his style of photography, his portfolio was stunning and when we met him we knew he would be great as our photographer. Both me and peter are camera shy so Martins’ capturing natural moments in the background suited us well. We hardly noticed Martins being there but we knew he was working hard taking great photos for us! Quite simply the photos came out brilliantly because we had an amazing photographer!

Advice from the Bride:
Make a spreadsheet with estimated costs and actual costs (it is very easy to run over budget, even the little things will eventually add up). It definitely helped me when making decisions. Have a clear itinerary with set times for your bridesmaids and allocate a timekeeper. Thanks to Katie and Linda my wedding day ran smoothly and on time!

Any regrets?
It would’ve been nice to have spent more time at Kew Gardens taking photos with Martins.

Best decision made:
Hiring 2 coaches (from commandery coaches in worcester) to transport our guests from Worcester to London. No worrying about them getting lost or finding a parking space in London. This also ment we knew exactly what time majority of our guests will arrive and depart!

Thanks so much to Martins Kikulis for sharing this fabulous wedding and make sure to check out his site for more details. Have a good one!

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