Good Ol’ Carefree + Fabulous New Brighton Seaside Engagement Shoot – Lyndsay & Carl

Today I have a fabulous New Brighton seaside engagement shoot to share with you which will hopefully start your weekend off with a bit of playful romance. Perhaps its because I associate the seaside with holidays and relaxation, but I can’t really get enough of these shoots at the moment. The location just screams days spent with your loved one and carefree fabulousness and today’s couple Lyndsay and Carl have plenty of that!

Here is what Lyndsay had to say: “Carl and I first met when we started high school, I sent him a valentines card in the first year but he says he doesn’t remember as he got some many that year!. We finally became a couple in 2009 after we got talking about work and realised we both worked in the same industry. Carl proposed to me on my birthday this year in February at Bristol Zoo next to the penguins, which has now become a running joke, we might even have a penguin themed wedding! Haha, that won’t really happen. Carl used my nans ring, which she had left for me when she passed away, to propose so that we could chose an engagement ring together.”

Thanks so much to Scarlett Weddings Photography for sharing these lovely photos, make sure to check out their blog and website for more!

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