Hello In There – Super Cute Custom Made Bowties for your Groom!

Why hello there OMG readers, you might have seen these super cute bowties circulating the blogs already, but they were just two delicious for me to let get away! How cute are they?!?!

Thanks very much to Beverley from online boutique Hello In There for sharing these new photos with me, having just started this new venture with her brother this year to showcase unique, stylish and fun attire for all, I must say, I am incredibly impressed! Bev says “our first adventure has taken the form of ‘bell & belle’ bow ties. Each individual bow tie is hand crafted from vintage and remnant fabrics. Adjustable, reversible and self tying they are all made in limited numbers. Our aim is to bring a new outlet for affordable and stylish bow ties within the UK design industry.

We believe that bow ties are the perfect form of neck wear for both ladies and gents. Not least something which would look dashing on any groom on his wedding day. Bringing that extra touch of style, vintage detailing and hand made design.” Agreed!

Make sure to check out the Hello In There website for more details.

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