Mississippi Autumn Sunshine + Leaves Engagement Shoot – Andrea & Rodrigo

Good morning everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the start of your weekend. I have a lovely autumn inspired engagement shoot to share with you today featuring both the funky town city of Mississippi and it’s beautiful river setting. Photographer Natalie Champa Jennings features the couple in both urban and natural settings and I can’t tell if my favourite shots involve the super cool typographic signage or the beautiful light caught between the autumn leaves. Anyone else feeling like its officially autumn now? Here is what Natalie had to say about the shoot:

“Andrea and Rodrigo have been a couple for over six years and honored me with the request to be their wedding/engagement photographer. They are incredibly in love, as well as super up-beat and game for anything creative when it comes to photos. We decided to mix Minneapolis’s urban charm in with a little taste of autumn down by the river. This Mississippi always offers a lot of lovely scenery and, of course, fall colors. We mixed in some bright urban graffiti art, traffic, and buildings to give the photos an urban backdrop. However all of our fun choices were no match for Andrea and Rodrigo’s smiles at each other.”

Thanks so much to Natalie Champa Jennings for sharing these photos. Make sure to check out her website for more details.

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