Mood Swap: A Halloween Wedding with Reverie Magazine

Happy Halloween everyone! I am very pleased to announce the very first of many Mood Swaps to come! Introducing Mary Lee Herrington, wedding planner and designer extraordinaire of Forever & Ever Events and now editor in chief of new UK digital magazine Reverie Magazine along with Kate Taylor from Coquette Paper & Press. Mary is not only a fab friend but also recently worked on my very own wedding! She is now starting a new venture which I cannot WAIT to see.  Reverie Magazine will debut its first issue in January 2012, with issues coming out quarterly throughout the year. The line-up of contributors in the debut issue include industry giants such as 100 Layer Cake, Paper + Cup Design, Leo Patrone, Max Wanger, Hello Lucky Stationery, Polly Alexandre and many more! In the meantime, Reverie features fresh content every day on the Reverie Blog, and you can follow Reverie on Twitter, on Facebook and Pinterest. Take it away Mary!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year: I love the candy (of course); I love when people really go homemade and create a truly original costume; and since I happen to be the proud mama to Sammy (aka Forever Dog), I especially love seeing cute costumes for dogs! I also love the idea of having a Halloween wedding. As a wedding designer, my one piece of advice would be to try not to go too OTT in forcing the “Halloween-ness” onto the wedding. My approach to a Halloween wedding would be bold, seasonal colors (like mustard yellows, oranges, reds, browns), and of course to be a little daring. To me, the black Vera Wang trumpet gown from her new Fall 2012 Bridal collection is the perfect dress for a Halloween wedding: it’s sophisticated; it’s dramatic; it’s not strapless. It also needs very little by way of accessories (except one can never say no to Lanvin heels!). For the bridal party, I’d either stick to an LBD or go with a very seasonal mustard-yellow color palette, which would match very well with a menu full of pumpkin goodness. Since it’s a Halloween wedding, why not have a little fun with it by serving green potions (the signature cocktail) in chemistry flasks and doing creative things with pumpkins, like silhouettes in jack-o-lanterns or spray-painting them! There are also so many fun paper details that you can incorporate into the wedding – like the use of “Boo!” and playing on the usage of “boo” (i.e., what you say to scare someone, and what you call your honey-bunny). Basically, it’s such a fun holiday that a wedding on Halloween can only mean it’d be one helluva “wicked” time! 😉

I hope my Halloween moodboard inspires you to consider having a Halloween wedding. There are so many more fantastic ideas – including super cute and fun ideas from OMG’s own Alexis, who has shared her Halloween wedding moodboard over on Reverie Magazine’s Blog today! Please go check it out – I just love how our different personalities come across in each of our moodboards!



Spooktacular 🙂 Have a fabadab day everyone and stay tuned for more Mood Swaps! Leave a comment below to let us know what you think and share your own Halloween ideas with everyone! Hope you gets some treats tonight. xxx

Credits, left to right:
Bridal Black Magic: Vera Wang trumpet gown
Lanvin silk pumps
Smokey quartz earrings;
Wheat bouquet
Satya Twena hat
Bewitching Bridesmaids: BHLDN; TopShop; BHLDN
Bittersweets broomstick charm
What’s Your Poison: Cocktail and recipe
Pumpkin party cooler
Sumthin’ Pumpkin: Pumpkin silhouettes
Mini pumpkin pie bites;
Pumpkin tablescape.
Trick or Treat: Loose leaf tea;
DIY tea bags
Wedding favor bags;
Orange rick krispie treats

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