Serenly Scenic Castle Coch Elopement – Danny & Anna

There’s nothing like a stunning castle backdrop to make a bride feel like a princess on her wedding day. Introducing the beautiful couple, Danny and Anna, who eloped to Wales for a small, intimate wedding in the gorgeous Castel Coch. They travelled all the way from a small mining town in Queensland, Australia together with their two wonderful kids, Anna’s mother, father and grandmother to celebrate their vows and then went back home for an “elopement” BBQ in Australia. Talk about romance and adventure! Thanks so much to Jon from Janda Photography for sharing these photos, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous and I love juxtaposition of Anna’s beautiful wedding dress against the hard brick walls of the castle.

Advice from the Bride:
Just keep in mind that your wedding is about you as a couple, and the love you share.

Best decision made:
Our photographers. You walk away from the day with your memories, your life partner, and your photos. Your wedding day will be special for you forever, however your memories of the day will fade. Our beautiful photo’s will allow us relive our day forever.

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