Simple, Sweet, Fruity Picnic Engagement Session – Angelica & Peter

OMG for some fabulous reason it is still sunny in London! Hooray! This has of course put me in the mood for more picnic, summery, suntastic shoots and today’s is no different. I am thrilled to be featuring this super cute engagement shoot by Anne Wright, whom I have featured many a time before. Maybe I’m on a red kick but there is something about the vibrant colours of the fruit used here that I really love. Beautiful colours, super relaxed and lovely couple and of course fab photos. Here is what Anne had to say about it:

“Angelica moved to Canada from Ukraine when she was still in High School and shortly after that she met Peter. They will get married exactly on their 5th anniversary. Their wedding decor theme is ribbons in sweet colours. When I told them that I like my couples to choose their locations and themes (if any) for their engagement shoot so that it truly is unique and meaningful to them, they straight away came up with the idea of doing a sweet romantic “old-fashioned” picnic. They styled everything on their own and we met under a tree in a Calgary park on one gorgeous evening. In their basket were all of their wedding colours. Ribbons were tied to the basket itself and to everything they brought with them, from the bottle of sparkling cider to their glasses to the flowers, even the mosquitoe-repelling candle. They also brought with them peanut-butter and jam because that’s how they’re known! Peter is the peanut butter and Angelica is the jam. I also loved the straw hat that Angelica brought with her, it made me think of the holidays I used to spend in Southern France as a young girl. It just was a perfect evening for a wonderful couple in love!”

Can we talk about how cute their PB&J analogy is? If you’ve ever worked with me, you will know I love a bit of peanut butter and jelly!

Thanks again to Anne Wright for sharing and make sure to check out her fab website and blog!

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