Tuesday Top 10 Wedding Statement Necklaces – Accessory Overload!

Hello OMG readers! I am attempting a new type of post starting today. When I started OMG, I did a few Top 10 posts which were quite popular – make sure to check out last year’s Top 10 Wedding Shoes (I’m planning a new one for this season as we speak) – and I thought I would try and make this a regular thing. I love a bit of top 10 action. So today, I’d like to kick start the series with one of my favourite subjects, accessories!

When planning my own wedding, I liked the idea of having different looks for the ceremony, portraits and reception but I couldn’t quite justify changing my wedding dress halfway through the day since I loved it so much. I therefor decided to make subtle changes throughout the evening with accessories which was a bit more budget friendly and very fast and easy. After deciding pretty quickly that I wanted a black sash for the evening reception, I thought it might also be fun to have a mega statement necklace. I spent HOURS trawling blogs, websites, magazines, twitter feeds – you name it – in search of the perfect statement necklace and I thought I’d share with you some of the runner ups! The good thing about these is that you will probably wear them again.

Photo by Marianne Taylor Photography (The one on the left is me trying to fit my dress under the table for dinner!)

1. Mawi Cabochon & Teardrop Necklace
This beautiful piece from UK based MAWI was one of my favourites.

2. Alexis Bittar Triple Strand Pear Necklace
One of my favourite jewelry designers of all time, Alexis Bittar uses a lot of resin and lucite combined with semi precious stones to create absolutely stunning pieces that can be dressed up or down.

3. Marc by Marc Jacons Claude Statement Necklace
A little bit of sparkle and studs make this necklace feel cool and classy

4. Baccarat Pampilles Silver Long Necklace
Now this piece is pretty gosh darn pricey, but its absolutely gorgeous and definitely worth a mention. It is also just gorgeos and comes in softer colours like gold and silver.

5. Danni Jo Caleb Necklace
A combination of tough girl and pretty by way of silver chains and sparkling crystals. It’s a bit of uptown girl mixed with rockstar.

6.Isaac Mizrahi Draper Necklace
I love this piece as the shape is so dramatic, it almost has an East Asian feel to it.

7. Holly Fulton Deco Necklace
Holly Fulton’s pieces are pretty awesome for a modern take on Art Deco. The graphic designer in me swoons.

8. Kate Spade Pearl Street Statement Necklace
Nothing says classic like a strand of pearls, but if you’re looking for something a bit funkier or want to add some peach or black details like a belt or even little lace gloves, this necklace is perfect for tying in colour.

9. Vera Wang Jeweled Flowers Multi Chain Necklace
Vera Wang has quite a large selection of incredible statement necklaces and this is one of my favourites, once again looking at merging the delicate with the hard, the chains mixed with sparkle is my dream come true.

10. Kate Spade Cut to the Chase Statement Necklace
Last but not least, perfect for a summer soire, you can’t go wrong with these beautiful, simple yet impactful white beads by Kate Spade.

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