Vintage Designs Stationery – Typographic, Illustrative & Fabulous Wedding Invitations

One of the reasons I will forever and ever love weddings is the fact that there are so many gorgeous design elements to consider. Every single detail leaves an opportunity to be personalised and done in a way that reflects the bride and groom. One of the first points of contact with guests from a couple is the save the date, followed by a more formal invitation in most cases along with various different bits of information about the event, the weekend, the details, you name it. This is often a daunting process, as I found it made me finally make an aesthetic decision because I had to send something out! Being a grahic designer, I wanted to do this all myself with the help of my mother whom alos loves the design process, however loads of brides look to the amazing professionals such as Vintage Designs, to come up with inspiring ideas to excite their guests from get go. I LOVE these gorgeous wedding invitations and had to share them with you!

Awesome, beautiful, and typographically fabulous – make sure to check out the Vintage Designs website now.

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