A Multicoloured Wedding with Mismatched Bridesmaids, Bouquets + more – Simone & Kobus

I have a super bright, colourful explosion of a wedding to share with you today thanks very much to wedding photographer Yolandé Marx. Simone and Kobus were married in late August of this year in the beautiful area of Pretoria in South Africa. Not to dissimilar to myself, Simone is a graphic designer and had a hand in every aspect of her wedding planning, choosing “the colours of the rainbow” as her palette saying “I’m an artist so I could just pick one or two colors – I had to have them all.” As you do.

Simone designed the stationery, invitations and decor for the entire day and I’m sure you will agree it does not look like a small feat! I don’t really know where to start with this awesome feature as the details are incredibly vibrant, the bride and groom look amazing and the whole atmosphere just seems to ooze fun and funky. Don’t you wish you were invited? I love the mismatched bridesmaids dresses, shoes AND bouquets which were arranged by a family member. I love the fabulous lanterns and reception decor. And I love Simone’s Love Lucy dress. Simone said “Everything on the tables were DIY (we collected some old tin teapots and wooden coke boxes for the flowers) and all the décor etc was either handmade by us or bought at flea markets or antique stores or art shops.” All the jewelry worn was made by the very creative and brilliant Eska Claire.

She continued to say that she was thrilled to have chosen Yolandé Marx: “She is super amazing! Her work is stunning, she captures those precious moments AND she makes you feel so comfortable in front of the lens!”

Advice from the bride:
It’s your day! So you can do whatever you like! If you don’t like certain wedding traditions leave them out, you can do whatever you want! And be original, the best and most original wedding concepts happens when the bride and groom sit down and bring elements into the wedding that are things that they love or like or are known for – I can honestly say our wedding day was true to who we are – nothing (from the décor, to the dress, to the venue, to the sermon done, or the song we chose for walking down the aisle or to open the dance floor with) was pretentious…our wedding was a celebration of who we are as a couple.

Any Regrets?
Only one –that the day flew past so quickly!

Best Decision Made:
To do our own thing the way we wanted it – the guests loved it! And I got asked to work as a wedding concept designer for a bunch of weddings in 2012 SO I AM super EXCITED!!!

Thanks again to the fabulous Yolande Marx for sharing. Make sure to check out her website for more details.

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