An Incredible, Vibrant Indian Wedding in London – Karun & Lizzie

OMG. I die of a colour induced coma. How much do you LOVE the vibrancy of Indian weddings? The first wedding I ever posted on OMG was of my two very good friends Simon and Shoma and they had the most beautiful mix of Bangladeshi and English traditions in their wedding. I remember going shopping for Shoma’s lengha and being bowled over by the intricacies and details in each of the garments she tried on. I absolutely LOVE being able to share weddings with different cultural influences and today’s feature is just that!

Carrying on from yesterday’s East Close Hotel wedding and the gorgeous couple Karun and Lizzie shot by Tom Redman, today’s feature is to share with you their Indian wedding held the following weekend. Here is what Lizzie had to say about the day:

The following weekend the Indian wedding began with my Mehndi (Henna)ceremony and Karun’s parents’ house in South London. Indian weddings have a reputation for being spread over several days and ours was no exception, with two days of preparation for the bride and groom before the big day.

We chose a central London location at the Riverside Park Plaza right on the Thames to contrast with our New Forest setting the previous week. And the colour theme for the Indian wedding was a bright red and gold taken from the outfits we selected in a visit to India some months before. We picked out jewellery to match my outfit and had it made after much savvy negotiation from Karun’s family in India.

Guests came from far and wide to celebrate with us, the Dhol players, literally drumming up excitement for our big entrance. Many of my family wore traditional Indian dress, it was all so colourful and sumptuous. We took some time to get out into London by black cab for a few snaps, before returning to an Indian banquet, and then dancing into the night with our loved ones around us.

Can we just all talk about the amazingness of Lizzie’s portraits at the end of this shoot? OMG. Thanks again to Tom Redman for sharing these exquisite photos!

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