Beautiful, Ethereal, Modern Wedding Veil Alternatives

Hello everyone! I am super pleased to be sharing these gorgeous-town photos of modern veil alternatives for brides who are looking for something a bit different. I can totally resonate with these as I chose to do something a bit different for my wedding when a veil didn’t feel quite right with my short bob haircut. I looked loads of places and ended up having to have something custom made as nothing quite fit the bill, but these are just scrumptious, ethereal pieces of amazingness right here. Thanks so much to Rebecca Lindon of Deville Photography for sharing this beautiful shoot, it’s totally fabulous!

Shell headdress by Gardens of Whimsy
Wings head piece by Arturo Rios
Leather mask by Tom Banwell Designs
Head chains by Star Seed 

Make sure to head on over to the Deville Photography website and blog for more details.

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