Introducing OMG Sponsor Nicki Feltham

Good morning OMG readers! Hope you have a lovely weekend planned. I am pleased to introduce to you one of my fab sponsors this morning, the super duper Nicki Feltham who has been featured on OMG numerous times. (Check out this awesome engagement shoot with the couple’s pomeranians, this vintage fairground engagement shoot, and this lovely pale blue and pink wedding). I hope these Q&A’s allow you to get to know a bit more about the great people who support this blog, it’s so important to not only love the work of your wedding photographer, but to get along with them and get to know their personalities too! So, take it away Nicki!

1. OMG Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m 36, living with my partner Steve for the last 10 years we have 3 rescue hounds and 3 gorgeous children – all boys! I love my family to pieces, photography is my 2nd biggest passion in life after them so that’s a BIG passion! I love weddings (one day I’ll have my own!), dark chocolate, proper coffee, the smell of a newborn baby – not necessarily in that order! I love hazy summer evenings, bright autumn colours, the silence on a clear bright snowy day and the newness of spring. Photography has taught me to look at everything in a different way, I’m always taking pictures in my mind even if I don’t have my camera with me – which is rare!

2. Describe yourself in 3 words
Fun, friendly & creative.

3. What do you wish all couples knew about you?
I often cry during the speeches and I love to sing along to hymns in the church but I won’t be doubling up as a wedding singer any time soon!

4. If you could give brides 1 tip, what would it be?
Book me as your photographer 🙂

5. If you could give grooms 1 tip, what would it be?
Let your fiancée book me 🙂

6. Any wedding / wedding industry pet peeves?
Registrars setting up posed formal photographs after the ceremony – I don’t tell them how to do their job and most of my couples don’t like the posed formal stuff anyway – we always discuss what shots they want beforehand…

7. Where do you see your business in –
1 month – Getting ready for the busy 2012 wedding season that begins again in February for me.
1 year – Being fully booked for 2013 with at least 1 destintation wedding would be nice!
5 years – Having an office in a bigger house so I can spread out a bit and be fully booked of course!

8. Anything else you want to share?
Your wedding day photos are so important – your wedding is an investment into your future together, not just a one off “big spend” for one fab day. So invest in good photography so you can remember your day for years to come, as it happened through beautiful images …

Make sure to check out Nicki’s website and blog for more details. Have a good one!

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