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Good afternoon, today I am introducing yet another addition to the OMG Sponsor family! This time, its for both brides and suppliers to have a look at. is the UK’s newest wedding photographer directory aimed at making the search easier and quicker than ever. Linking photographers, budget ranges, geographical location and more, these guys definitely offer some time saving options. What’s best is that you don’t need to sign up for an account in order to save, compare and bookmark as a bride and groom. Working as a graphic designer by day, I can totally appreciate the easy to user interface and simple experience that offers. Make sure to have a read below and hop on over to for more!

What is is a new and fresh wedding photographer directory that aims to make the wedding planning as fun and effortless as possible. Brides can sort wedding photographers based on their city and spending budget, save their favourites and get all the contact and bio information they need.

Describe Specialens in 2 words
Efficient, Fun

What makes different?
We focus only on wedding photographers and their work. No ads or any unwanted content on our website, just photographers and their pictures. We
do our best to create a bride-centric experience on our website with a clean cut-design, helpful searching options and of course only the best wedding pictures.

More than other wedding websites, is designed to save brides time. With innovating designs and smart search options we bring the running around experience online. No more endless Google searches, just one easy to use, love to visit, website where you can find all the information organized for you. Also, brides can sort their search by the city they are getting married and see all available photographers. Also, they can make sure that they only see wedding photographers that fit within their spending budget by using our price range tool where minimum and maximum prices can be set.

Brides can also save their favourite wedding photographers and compare their work, allowing them to easily narrow their search down to the best possible photographer.

A lot of websites require brides to create an account – well, we don’t. There is no need to register in order to save your favourite wedding photographer or to use our services to the maximum. Plus, even though you will not be creating an account, your favourites will still be there even if you come back the next day.


After looking at a photographer’s portfolio couples can find all their address and contact information. Couples have the option to email the photographer directly, give them a call, or visit their website and social networking sites.


How does Specialens benefit couples? was created to make a stressful process much more pleasant for brides and grooms alike. With a photocentric design and no long copy or articles to troll through, even those with the busiest schedules will have time to browse through our directory with ease.

Where do you see your business in..
1 month…Covering all major cities in the UK with the best wedding photographers.
1 year… To become the wedding photographer resource in the UK, serving couples in every corner of Great Britain.
5 years…To grow the website into the largest wedding photographer network in Europe.

Anything else you want to share?
Sure! Wedding photographers that are passionate about their work and weddings should definitely join our directory – yes it’s free. Being part of our network helps you expand your business and show your work to numerous brides that are looking for their perfect photographer. Create new contacts and meet new colleagues.

We are already discussing the possibility of working with a number of bespoke companies in the wedding industry, with our members receiving offers and discounts from our business network. You can find all the information you need by getting on and clicking on Photographers Begin Here.

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