OMG Our Wedding Video! – A Little Wedding Trailer at the Bath Assembly Rooms

Sometimes I can’t believe I’m married. It’s weird. And it feels like it never happened, happened just yesterday and happened a million years ago, all in one. That sounds massively confusing but I think I’m still sifting through memories from the weekend, remembering new things that had previously been forgotten and hearing new stories from friends and family about their experiences. It’s such an intense event of emotions, it’s only natural to feel this way, I can imagine.

The whole evening went by so quickly, as everyone said it would, and while I tried my best to step back and take things in, it’s hard to process the enormity of having all your best friends and family with you, for you.

That’s where the importance of documenting the day comes in. Now I know I am probably biased as my blog thrives on wedding related content, but there is nothing better than looking over photos or watching videos of the previous night’s antics, whether it’s a party, dinner, or hilarious moment with friends. Whatever it is, reminiscing is almost as good as the original occurrence. Now multiply that by a BA-JILLION and you will understand how it feels to relive your wedding. There were so many moments I had forgotten, and even more moments that I didn’t know happened and they’re all packaged up into this unbelievable documentation of the best day of my life, from the perspective of the masterminds, Josh and Niki. Now I won’t be sharing our entire DVD with you since that would be a little more than self indulgent, but here is our little wedding trailer, told by the incredibly professional, uber cool and artistic storytellers – Allora Visuals. Thanks guys, for not only being totally chilled out on the day while I was freaking out (inside only I hope) and for capturing all the little moments I missed and choosing the most beautifully appropriate song for our trailer, but also for including the moment I completely wiped out the right hand side of the aisle with my dress. It’s my favourite bit.

Make sure to hop on over to the Allora Visuals website for more details, they are rockstars.

Alexis + Jack in Bristol from Allora Visuals on Vimeo.

Event Design – Chrystal and Alexis Cuddyre (MOB + OMG)
Invitation Suite – Chrystal Cuddyre of Paper Dragon
Photography – Marianne Taylor
Wedding Planner Mary Lee Herrington of Forever & Ever Events
Flowers – Steph Turpin of Fairynuff Flowers
Cake – Linda Fripp Designs
Cake Topper – Cutture
Ceremony Music – Hot Buttered Soul Collective from Sternberg Clarke
Reception Music – The Wedding Smashers
Headpiece – Atelier Millinery
Makeup – Sophie Stafford
Prop Hire – Stress Free Hire and Great Hire
Wedding car – City of London Black Taxis

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