Tuesday Top 10 – Fun & Funky, Experimental Food Ideas for your Wedding

Food is often one of the areas in weddings where you might not feel like you have a lot of options. Some venues have preferred or predetermined caterers and the menus they offer, while often tasty, are pretty generic in order to take into account guests who might be picky eaters. I have to admit, we definitely kept it simple at our wedding because we had so many people coming and the menu was one of the areas I thought had less flexibility. If you’re a foodie, or are looking for a unique way to wow your guests, then today’s post is for you! Have a look below at the top 10 ways to be a bit more funky with your wedding food!

1. Wedding Jellies by Bompass and Parr
I’ve featured these guys on OMG before, but they are well worth another mention. Not only do they make incredibly beautiful and cool looking extravagant jelly sculptures, but they’re flavours are out of this world. Try a gin and tonic jelly with real flecks of gold as an apertif before your meal or a glow in the dark after dinner jellies. The list goes on… these guys are awesome.

Photos taken by Chris Terry.

2. Nitrogen Ice Cream Parlour
The candy buffet, DIY ice cream sunday, dessert table have all definitely made a splash in the wedding industry, especially with all the amazing decorative ideas brides can incorporate in the design, however, why not blow your guests out of the water with the UK’s first portable nitrogen ice cream parlour. The ice cream contraption uses a liquid nitrogen injection system to churn two custom flavours for up to 500 guests fresh in front of their eyes. The machine is set up in half and hour by ninja ice cream warriors and makes fresh ice cream in under a minute. Not only does this sound incredibly impressive and delicious, but Charlie Francis, the man behind the machine, has a hilarious sense of humour.

3. Funky Leaves
How about spicing up your salad course with beautiful edible flowers and funky leaves? With a farm situated two miles from the Cornwall coast, and two others near by, these guys grow some of the most amazing and strange sounding fruit, veg and flowers I’ve ever heard of. Want a Cherokee Chocolate heirloom tomato salad? They can do it! How about an edible flower starter? Done. They also have converted their farmhouse into a B&B so if you can go and stay there to try it out. Funky leaves courier their produce overnight to anywhere in England so if you want to be creative with your catering or cake, you can.

Photo credit

4. Stirring with Knives
Not worried about your guests’s outfits for the evening, why not host a banquet “free of conventional eating instruments” with Stirring with Knives. Use syringes to inject profiteroles with different flavours of cream and drink your cocktails through crazy loop straws. Trained at Central Saint Martin’s, Caroline Hobkinson, the founder of this pretty cool little event company, creates one-off events and interventions, in both gallery and public spaces.

5. Chocstar Chocolate Bar
Oh dear lord as if I’ve just found out about these guys! PORTABLE CHOCOLATE BAR?! Obv. my dream come true to say the least. Depending on the weather, the Choctars offer their cocoas in a variety of formats – molten, frozen, iced or baked. Just imagine a chill, cinnamon and vanilla infused hot chocolate shot for an outdoor campfire wedding, or how about a festive chocolate Guinness cupcake. Delish.

6. Cultivated Couture
Ok hello. What about an edible wedding dress? Too much? Fine, maybe just some absolutely gorgeous, molecular, scientific and experimental fashion accessories? Meet Emily Crane, founder of Cultivated Couture, a new breed of fashion designer who uses her cooking skills in the kitchen to create beautiful bespoke pieces of wearable art. Fancy giving your guests their first course as an accessory? Watch this video to see her work her magic.

Micro-Nutrient Couture from Emily Crane on Vimeo.

7. Ginger’s Comfort Emporium
An ice cream van for grown-ups, this dessert wagon is mainly to be found after dark, when the children are safe in bed, roaming the streets of south Manchester. Harnessing the nostalgic feeling of an old school ice cream van and infusing it with new school foodie enthusiasm, Ginger will soothe you with her creamy, fruity, nutty, chocolatey, meringuey, spicy, boozy, crunchy, refreshing, comforting iced desserts. What’s on the menu, you ask? How about some white truffle and hazelnut choc-ice, or some caramelised banana and liquorice flavoured ice cream, or even some camel’s milk ice cream? Weird. But so cool.

8. Pop Bakery
Yes I know cake pops have been around for a while. But they’re fun, and these guys do them very well. I am particularly inspired by their Las Vegas cake pops – perfect to go along with an Elvis Impersonator and a trip to Vegas Baby!

9. The Rebel Dining Society
Set up in a converted chapel in East London, these guys host experimental food events with creative concepts and innovative food experiences.

10. Fruute – Tarts Unordinary
Last but not least, these guys are a bit of a wild card as they’re based in LA, but they were the initial inspiration for this post because I am in LOVE with their website. Fruute design and produce contemporary, unordinary tarts with classic and not so classic flavours. Don’t they look awesome? Why not have a roaming dessert buffet with these bad boys circulating the room?

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