Awesome Hong Kong Market Rock the Frock Shoot w/ a Feather Dress – Lizzii & James

OMG. I love Hong Kong. Although I am of course American, I spent over 10 years in HK and what makes it even more special is the fact that I met my husband there, hence our London China Town Engagement shoot earlier this year and some small Chinese details in our wedding. Wedding photographer Kat Hill and I shared our obsession with this amazing city when I met her at the British Journal of Photography’s Unveiled event where I was lucky enough to present OMG and thoughts on blogging / social media. It really is truly an amaizng city, full of the most incredible food, street markets, skylines, and just exudes amazingness. So, when Kat got in touch with me about a recent Rock the Frock shoot, I was pretty much over the moon.

Kat says “I tried to steer clear of what people imagine a HK shoot to look like – cheesy harbour shots etc. We went round loads of markets and on trams and things, it was so much fun.” OMG don’t you just love it? I love how she has managed to cpature all the little details you would see in the markets, on the streets, on the buildings. Oh. And I also love Lizzii’s AMAZING feather dress she designed herself and had made in Shenzhen. GORGE.

Thanks again to Kat Hill for sharing these incredible images, make sure to check out her website and blog for more details and have a good one!


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