Damson Coastline Rings – A Contemporary Wedding Ring for the Design Lover

Today’s feature is a totally cool and modern take on wedding and engagement rings. This idea really hit home with me as the place where I met my husband is quite dear to me. We both grew up in Hong Kong and while we’re from the UK and US respectively, we both consider HK our true home as it’s tied up with so many childhood memories. It wasn’t right for us to have a totally Chinese wedding, as our cultural backgrounds are both still Western, but we tried to incorporate Asian influences wherever we could to make our wedding as personal as possible. These Damson Jewellry Coast rings would have been a perfect addition to our subtle nods towards Hong Kong and might be perfect for you too!

Damson Jewellery specialises in handmade jewellery crafted by British designer-makers. The romantic coast ring featured is composed of matt and polished interlocking halves. The join of the ring is created from a stretch of coastline you choose yourself, making your ring unique.

You can specify the stretch of coastline you would like on the Damson website, which can be a general area such as Cornwall, or a more specific stretch of coast- for example between two towns. I like the idea that this ring has the potential to communicate a romantic story, reflecting a stretch of coastline which is significant to a couple, or based on the coastline between their home towns.

Make sure to check out the website for more details and have a good one.

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