Fancy Features – Interactive Giant Colouring Book for your Wedding!

Hello OMG readers! Happy Saturday afternoon! I have a pretty cool feature for you this afternoon. Thanks so much to Maria for getting in touch with me, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like it! Brides these days are always on the look out for ways to make their wedding bespoke, unique, interactive and fun. I remember my main concern was that my guests have fun, I don’t know why but I was so worried they would be bored!

There are loads of ideas floating around, like interactive guest books, wishing trees, photo booths, bride and groom fill in the blanks / mad libs, but this, I’m afraid, takes the cake. Allow me to introduce you to Fancy Features! Fancy Features offers a fun, creative and unique activity which requires minimum artistic ability with fabulous results – a piece of art you get to keep made by you and your friends bursting with memories! Pictures are fully customised and can be made to any size: big, medium, one to to fit above the fireplace? Or you could opt for a series of small colouring-in boards, which are ideal table decorations and ice breaker activities which you could offer to those extra special guests as a gift. Choose to use arcylic paint or the popular non-messy paint pens. HOW AWESOME IS THIS? What’s even cooler is the that everything is customizable, so if you’re wedding is Art Deco or Vintage inspired, you can request the style of the artboard to reflect the aesthetic of your big day, or even your home.

And if that is not enough, Fancy Features is building some really exciting things for 2012…. the best theatrical fancy photo booth experience and a giant spirograph activity!  I can barely contain my excitement, I wish I had known about this for my wedding! Make sure to check out the Fancy Feature website for more details and have a good one!


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