Introducing OMG Sponsor Ben Edward!

Hello OMG readers! Today I am thrilled to introduce you to another new addition to the OMG Sponsor Family, Ben Edward! Ben is a super chilled out photographer based in Surrey who has a relaxed and natural approach to wedding photography. Whilst our opinion on mushrooms may differ, his fresh take on capturing a couple’s special day is definitely my cup of tea. Take it away Ben! And make sure to check out his site for more details.

1. OMG Tell us a bit about yourself?
I’m Ben, and I’m a wedding photographer. I live in sleepy little village in Surrey, but will happily cover weddings wherever they may be. I prefer a documentary style of photography when shooting weddings, as I find it helps to capture more genuine moments.

2. Describe yourself in 3 words
Friendly. Funny. Modest.

3. What do you wish all couples knew about you?
Couples can tailor their package however they’d like, easier that way.

4. If you could give brides 1 tip, what would it be?
When choosing a photographer be sure that you like their style of photography, as their portfolio will usually be representative of the style of photos they like to shoot.

5. If you could give grooms 1 tip, what would it be?
Do whatever you can to keep the lady’s mind at ease.

6. Any wedding / wedding industry pet peeves?
When the wedding breakfast contains mushrooms, they concern me greatly. But seriously, not many, I suppose people that don’t respond to emails.

7. Where do you see your business in –
1 month – Winding down for holiday season playing games!
1 year – A full year of weddings, meeting new couples, lots more photos to share.
5 years – Destination weddings, that would be fun 🙂

8. Anything else you want to share?
Just that if any couples like my photos they should get in touch, always happy to discuss…

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