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Hello OMG readers! Hope you are all enjoying your winter holidays so far and having a nice time with your friends and family. Perhaps even going to a wedding or two? This morning I have the pleasure of introducing you to the fabulous duo Mark Lord and Tristan Leverett of Lord & Leverett Photography. Award winning and altogether awesome, they guys shoot some pretty cool weddings and have the attitude to match. Have a read below to find out more about their work and have a lovely day!

1. OMG Tell us about yourselves!
We are an award winning duo and have been photographing weddings together for over seven years. We met whilst working together in a portrait studio several years ago before choosing to set up our own business specializing in wedding photography. Since setting up our creative partnership in 2004 we have been very fortunate to have traveled all over the UK shooting some of the most fabulous weddings in some pretty
amazing venues, from stately homes, castles, luxury Michelin starred hotels to lavish marquee weddings in the parents gardens. We have also been very lucky to travel to Ireland and France on several occasions for weddings including one at the Rothschild’s villa in the South of France which was truly incredible!

2. Describe yourself in 3 words
Hardworking, Fun, Creative!

3. What do you wish all couples knew about you?
We limit the number of weddings to 30 something a year so we can give everyone we photograph 100% making each one a beautiful storybook that reflects our couples day. Every album we produce is unique, we pride ourselves in making our albums as personal to the couple in question as we can. Lord & Leverett is a two man show literally, we do everything from taking the images, designing the album, digitally enhancing all the album images, answering the phone and even making the tea!

One thing we wished every couple who was potentially interested in Lord & Leverett did was to speak to any of our past bride and grooms, we have so many positive comments and feed back from clients we want everyone to know! There are testimonies on our website so people can always read them but that is not the same as seeing our couples faces and comments as they look through their album for the first time.

4. If you could give brides 1 tip, what would it be?
Leave all the worrying to the professionals, just enjoy your day and don’t get stressed. What will be will be.

5. If you could give grooms 1 tip, what would it be?
Don’t be afraid to delegate jobs to your best man and ushers, having jobs to do is all part of their duties on your wedding day!

6. Any wedding / wedding industry pet peeves?
Wedding Fairs – When they’re bad they’re really bad and truly don’t show the industry in a good light, however there are good shows with great suppliers exhibiting and those are worth attending from a supplier and a bride and grooms point of view.

7. Where do you see your business in –
1 month – Beginning our weddings for 2012, doing pre wedding shoots for our clients who are getting married in 2012 and meeting lots of couples who are potentially interested in booking Lord & Leverett for their wedding photography.

1 year – Getting busy for another year of great weddings in 2013. Gaining a greater reputation locally and nationally for our work and shooting even more wonderful weddings.

5 years – To be two of the best wedding photographers in the country (some people would say we already are! Thanks Mum) and to be recongised for the work we do within the industry.

8. Anything else you want to share?
Our wedding gallery on our website has well over 1000 images from weddings we have photographed over the last seven years with loads and loads of ideas for brides to be. Whether you choose to book Lord & Leverett or not its well worth a visit just to look at amazing weddings and get some ideas for your big day!

Awesometown. Make sure to check out the Lord & Leverett website for more details and have a good one.

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