OMG Tuesday Top 10 Contemporary Cake Topper Ideas

As you probably know, I love cake. I love eating it, I love making it (although not very well) and I love all the amazing decorations that go on top of it, around it, inside it – you name it, I love it. Today’s top 10 focusses on a few small ways to personalise your cake with cute little toppers that can be elaborate or simple, funky or fancy, bespoke or off the shelf. Enjoy!

1. Jonathan Adler Mr. and Mrs. Muse Salt & Pepper Toppers
Scouring the internet for fabulous finds for our flat, I happened upon these A-MAZING Jonathan Adler pieces. Pretty much everything from this shop is amazing but these are particularly special and are a bit of a double whammy as not only are they ultra chic and modern for your cake, but they can then be kept and reused as salt and pepper shakers post wedding bliss.

Photo via Pop de Lux.

2. Ceramic Hugging Salt & Pepper Shakers
Don’t mind me, I seem to be on a salt and pepper shaker role here, but these are mega cute as well.

3. Deer & Giraffe Ceramic Cake Topper
This cake topper is totally adorable and perfect for a rustic, animal themed wedding with its super cute giraffe and deer couple. Quirky, cool and adorable.

4. Jonathan Adler Elephant Cake Toppers
Ok I’m biased. Just go to the Jonathan Adler website and buy all the salt and pepper shakers in the universe. HOW CUTE ARE THESE ELEPHANTS?! Perfect for a shabby chic wedding or one with an south east asian theme.

5. Black Contemporary Lasercut Silhouette Cake Toppers from Wedzu
Looking for a graphic and personal way to make your cake your own? How about silhouettes of the bride and groom in black laser cut acryllic?

6. Flower Cake Toppers
Keep it simple and chic with these cute flower cake toppers, even better if they’re edible!

7. Hand Painted Multi-Coloured Heart Cake Topper
Oh hello rainbow-tastic, colourful heart cake topper and cake decor to match. This is simple, sweet, and perfect for a multicoloured wedding palette.

8. Go complete bespoke with Cutture
I couldn’t resist and had to throw our last minute wedding cake topper in the mix as the lovely team at Cutture did an amazing job for our Linda Fripp Cake! We had a modern, black and white graphic theme where I was loosely represented by a circle and my now husband was the diamond so we designed something quickly, sent it over to Cutture to be cut and tada! A cake topper custom made for our wedding theme. The cherry on top of a perfect day.

Photo by Marianne Taylor Photography

9. Etsy-it
This is the cutest cake topper ever and you can make it yourself sourcing all the materials and more on Etsy. Win.

10. Go DIY Pompom-tastic
OMG. Pom pom cake toppers. BEST. IDEA. EVER. Pom poms in general signify excitement for me. They are just balls of fluffy fun and therefor perfect for a wedding, and a wedding cake topper! Plus they are not breakable. Double plus – you can make them yourself.

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