Q&A with Paper + Cup Wedding Stationery

I love a good wedding invite as much as the next person, but the designs by Paper+Cup Design (who have recently gone international!) make me giddy. I love the combination of textures, typefaces and papers they use, the adorable little phrases and all the cute interactive ideas they have for their clients and the wedding guests. These guys are awesometown. You will probably have seen Paper+Cup around as they’ve not only been featured in the big US publications but they are also now working in the UK and Europe so I felt it was my duty to introduce you properly. Meet the amazing duo behind the paper perfection, the lovely Sarah and Minhee!

1. Tell us about your background and how you got into wedding stationery
I studied graphic design in Paris and then went to New York to do a master degree in communication design. I have always been interested in beautiful printing/paper and I use to create cards all the time when I was a kid (for my birthday or as gifts), I’ve always loved events and weddings in particular. Then I crossed paths with Minhee (the owner of Paper+Cup) and we had this immediate connection. We worked together in NY before I had to get back to France and we decided to launch P+C in France and the UK. I am now P+C’s Europe Art Director and I love creating new and original designs for our brides!

2. Tell us a little bit about the process you go through with each bride
We offer different services from ready made designs (on our website), semi-custom designs or complete custom designs but for all of them we talk or exchange emails directly with the bride to be sure she’s pleased with the end result. Working on a custom design with a bride is more like a relationship as we need to really listen to the bride’s voice about her taste, story and emotions she want to show in her stationery pieces. Each bride is different so each project is a new adventure for us!

3. What is the weirdest thing a bride has ever requested?
I never had real weird request since I’m at P+C but Minhee has a good story: One invite design we had to do involved fake green paper grass. It was for a big event, we had to assemble over 500 boxes filled with grass, card and a little diecut bird. We had no idea what mess the grass would make! By the time when we were done, our floors were covered with paper grass bits everywhere, our hands were all green and then there were mounds of unused grass in piles all over the floor. We started laughing because one of my girls said that if someone was looking and listening to us, it would have seemed like we were not doing something very legal…. There was a lot of yelling- ‘more grass’! ‘too much grass in this package!’, roll it up, make it tighter!

4. What advice would you give to a couple when starting to look for wedding stationery
Find something that really represent yourselves. I know sometimes it can be hard since you have advices or even requests from parents or friend… but it’s your day and you’ll keep your invite and little details long ago after your big day. It’s also the first time your guests will see something from your wedding so if you have a theme or special colors at your wedding, your save the date or invite need to showcase it.

5. Any wedding invitation pet peeves / no-nos?
pet peeves: when brides let everyone pitch in on ideas and opinions so much that she forgets what she and her fiance wants to do. it becomes one big stressful event when it should be a fun thing.
no-nos: every taste is in nature (as we say in French) but at Paper+Cup we’re not huge fans of tacky ribbons or fonts and too many different elements going on in 1 place.

6. Anything else you’d like to tell us?
We are so glad (Minhee and I) to have launched P+C Europe and we hope we will be able to open a real studio/boutique in London soon. We love London and we hope UK brides will love us too!!!

Make sure of course to head on over to the Paper+Cup Design website and blog for more details!

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