Exquisite Modern Day Indian Wedding Portraits – Salima & Hussein

Hello OMG readers! Hope you’re having a good week and feel properly back into the swing of things now after almost 2 weeks into the new year. I certainly am! I have some absolutely gorgeous wedding portraits to share with you today by the lovely Vancouver based Ellen Ho of Hong Photography. The bride and groom, Salima & Hussein, were married in Richmond, Canada with their reception at the Pinnacle Hotel and decided on a modern Indian theme incorporating classic elements with a modern twist. I absolutely LOVE these portraits featuring Salima’s gorgeous Saree from Sunny’s Bridal in Vancouver and her Lengha from Made in India. Hussein’s suit is from Ermenegildo zegna. The choice to have a white Saree instead of the traditional red is a beautiful contemporary nod towards today’s bride and the juxtaposition between the more traditional colours of the Lengha and the modern backdrop of the storm drain is absolutely incredible.

Thanks so much to Ellen Ho of Hong Photography for sharing these, make sure to head on over to her site for more details!

Advice from the Bride:
I had to move away, and because of this I think it is important to spend the last months with your family and close friends. Wedding planning is stressful-so have fun and do not worry about the details on the day. You cannot control everything, it will be perfect either way!

Any regrets?
I wish I put my nerves aside and ate the delicious food! Other than that the day was perfect.

Best decision made:
Having my sister as my bridesmaid. Having her beside me and sharing/planning the months, weeks and days leading up to the wedding brought us closer together. We are a great team and together we were able to pull most of the wedding together. She  was also there keeping me calm and making sure the details were in order.

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