OMG Wedding Cliches – Comme des Garçons Spring Summer 2012 Collections

So today’s post is a bit of a fashion indulgence for me, as a huge fan of Comme des Garçons in general and even bigger fan (if possible) of bridal couture, I could not bring myself to NOT blog this amazing collection sent to me by my good friend Richie.

What I love about this collection is that it pushes the boundaries, explores materials in an unconventional way and offers a humorous take on social norms, cliches and what is expected in bridal styling. Its interesting, provoking and fun. Playful in tone yet serious in the beautiful execution and interpretation of bridal trends.

Now, do I think you all are going to jump up, run out the door, and go bag yourself one of these pieces for your obviously-fabulous wedding coming up this year? Probably not, but its nice to take a breather sometimes from all the stress and pressure of planning the perfect wedding and enjoy a bit of play and a lot of inspiration. After going through the experience of trying on and buying a wedding dress, I definitely consider the piece I chose as a modern day work of art in both it’s aesthetic and expert construction. It made me feel fabulous – surely this is magic?

This collection pushes that notion even further. Vogue editor Holly Jones says “… rather than dissect it into clothes to buy, it’s nicer to appreciate the brilliant construction of the extraordinary objects: romantic, innovative in shape, material and idea – it’s brave, uncompromising and limitless.” Adore.

For the rest of the collection and an excellent commentary, hop on over to The Cutting Class blog for more detail or visit Vogue for the show report.

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