A Cupcake Baking & Decorating Class Engagement Shoot – Katherine & Malcom

So. This could possibly be one of my favourite engagement shoots this year. It’s not only super duper cute and shot in a beautiful way, but it is a perfect and creative solution to the issue I was worried about when trying to plan my engagement shoot. What the heck do you do? You’ve seen time after time, on blog after blog, these gorgeous couples who miraculously appear in the middle of a field with a vintage chesterfield couch and an antique mirror blowing confetti at each other while rose petals fall from the sky all with amazing lighting, perfectly matching outfits, 7 costume changes and 3 dogs. Exhausting. Stressful and extremely difficult to plan without a stylist and team of people. But walking through the streets of your neighborhood might not be your bag, and it also might be raining or cold.

Enter Adam Bronkhorst of Viva Wedding Photography who planned this awesome cupcake baking class at Angel Food Bakery in Brighton as a SURPRISE for his couple. HOW LUCKY ARE THEY?!?! This was not totally out of left field as Katherine and Malcom had told him when they met that they liked cooking and that they didn’t want to do anything too posed or forced for their shoot.

Here is what Adam had to say about the shoot – “We told them to just have fun decorating the cakes and not worry about our camera, as we wanted some really natural images. We thought it would be an interesting way of working. We could have got them to pose loads, maybe put icing on each others noses, but we wanted something really natural.” WORD. Such a great idea, so incredibly thoughtful and awesome of Adam to plan as a surprise and fabulously rewarding images.

Make sure to check out the Viva Wedding Photography website for more details and enjoy!

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