Gorgeous English Country Chic Wedding at the Cripps Barn – Gemma & Nick

TGIF everyone! I’ve got the best way possible to end your week (and mine!) – a gorgeous wedding shot by Emma of Heart Full of Tea! (What a cute name!) Even better is the fact that today’s couple share my wedding date so it must be fabulous, right? Gemma and Nick were married in September of last year in the beautiful country-chic Cripps Barn, Gloucestershire. Gemma says “we chose it for it’s simplicity and quintessential country feel. It was the first place we went where we felt comfortable with the people and surroundings. We LOVED it. We booked 4 months in advance and instantly knew how our day was going to be, the venue is so beautiful. We were married in the flagstone floored barn at Cripps Barn and requested the fire to be lit. It was amazing standing in front of this huge roaring fire, with the cool wind blowing behind us through the barn.” OMG YES to a fireplace at a wedding! How cosy and romantic!

The couple chose a bright and cheerful colour palette to contrast nicely with the black in Gemma’s wedding dress and her bridesmaids Coast maxi dresses as well. Her absolutely killer shoes are by Rocket Dog and Nick wore his own suit.

The laid back colourful country flowers and center pieces were designed by Charlotte Gabb of Super Flowers UK. These included two massive hanging baskets of flowers for decoration in the main barn as the ceiling is high it allowed for such a dramatic display and then for the table displays they chose different family jugs filled with bright rustic flowers.

Advice from the Bride:
You worry so much about the little details, and really, honestly it doesn’t matter. What matters is everybody is there and having a good time. Differences of opinion and the finances of a wedding is one of the hardest elements to juggle…however, remember the reason you’re getting married! Don’t forget each other in all the preparation. It’s meant to be fun!! Which, thankfully I can say that I loved my wedding day.

Any regrets?
I don’t think we have any regrets, just thankful we stuck to the kind of atmosphere we wanted; it was laid back and so relaxed, filled with good music, cheese and champers! We are both practical people, in particular Nick who is a carpenter. The venue and our approach to life was reflected in our wedding day. It was organic and filled with love. At the end of the night I crawled into the tent that my (now) husband had pitched for me that morning, no fuss, it was perfect. Perfect for me, perfect for us. I woke up the following morning married and with my friends and family in an beauitful english field. What more inspiration can you ask for!

Best decision made:
To keep the whole wedding focused on what was important to us as the couple getting married and to make the correct decision on photography on the one day in your life that you won’t be able to re-enact and bring back those precious moments with friends and family being all together in one place. It’s such an important decision, one that we nearly over looked!

Lastly, I had to include the lovely bit about Emma from Heart Full of Tea as it was just too sweet for words. I remember feeling so incredibly grateful for all the help and support my friends provided for me so I know how special it is! Gemma says “Emma is a personal friend and I could not have imagined anyone else capturing our day the way we wanted. I was so impressed with my lovely friend for the most amazingly sincere and heart felt photos of our day. She was such a good laugh with all my friends and family and worked really hard, in fact non-stop all day! I have so many beautiful moments to keep from our day and to think we weren’t going to bother having a photographer! I can’t thank Emma enough from the bottom of my heart!!! She also took along a second shooter: Theresa Furey.

Make sure to check out the Heart Full of Tea website and have a lovely day!

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