OMG Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Peggy Porschen Cupcakes!

It is not a secret that I’m a huge fan of Peggy Porschen, confection queen of the universe, so when I received note, and samples, that she was doing a limited edition Valentine’s Day cupcake selection, I was obviously extremely excited. Having tasted them first hand, I can honestly say without a doubt Peggy is a master with flavours and has the cutest decorations you could ask for. Inspired by romance, passion and unadulterated indulgence, Peggy and her team of award winning pastry chefs, patissiers and master-bakers have combined expertise to create two new flavours to lust after. I obviously had to try both.

Strawberry and Champagne
Decadent Vanilla sponge infused with champagne syrup, filled with Peggy’s handmade Strawberry & Champagne preserve and topped with pink Marc de Champagne frosting and glittering love hearts.

Chocolate Raspberry Kiss
Rich dark chocolate sponge baked with a fresh raspberry heart at the centre and topped with silky smooth milk chocolate frosting

Why not say it with cake this year with Valentine’s Cupcakes priced at £3.50 each, available to order now by ringing the adorable parlour on 020 7730 1316.

On another note, since it just happens to be my birthday next week, I have an additional sneak peak of Peggy’s new birthday cake designs which are equally amazing. I love the bold graphic style and super cute poppy colours, perfect for spring! Make sure to check out the Peggy Porschen website for more details and the online shop for fabulous Peggy branded accessories.

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