Tuesday Top 10 Things to do for your Engagement Shoot

Hello everyone! Happy Top 10 Tuesday! Today I thought I would share with you some ideas based on engagement shoots that won’t break the bank, make you feel silly or do anything outside your comfort zone (while that’s sometimes quite a nice option to consider!). Largely inspired by Adam Bronkhorst of  Viva Wedding Photography‘s cupcake class inspired shoot from last week, have a look below for some ways to make your upcoming engagement shoot even more fabulous and always make sure to chat with your photographer about their ideas too!

1. Tell a story
One of my favourite features of last year, art director Thaoski is a master storyteller with all of her shoots. This one in particular was all about playing out a fictional affair and capturing it with a cinematic style. I love it.

2. Take a cooking class
Based on the Viva Weddings engagement shoot featured last week, photographer Adam Bronkhorst surprised his couple with an interactive cooking class and the result is super natural, relaxed and delicious.

3. Go to a market
Again, inspired by a shoot I featured last week, this time by Marshal Gray Photography, go out and find a location that has all the props you could ever wish for without having to buy them. Try on hats, sunglasses or costumes, look into mirrors, test out furniture. You name it, it’s all there for you without having to do much of the work.

4. Play out a fantasy
Wish you could do something or be someone else just for a few hours? Enlist the help of your photographer to act out a fantasy or maybe just embellish a part of you you wish people knew more about. Check out this steamy engagement shoot by Kelly is Nice Photography for some ideas.

5. Pick a place with a view
Struggling with creating the right atmosphere, backdrop or surroundings for your portrait? Do what these guys did and choose a part of the city with a view shot by McKinley-Rodgers Photography.

6. Go to the aquarium
Or the museum, or any other place with totally cool backdrops. Forget outfit changes and rely on the gorgeous colours of the huge water tanks in the aquarium, or a crazy larger than life dinosaur statue at the Natural History Museum. Check out this feature by Janis Ratnieks for more details.

7. Bring your dog
If you’re looking for a way to remain candid and playful, bringing your pets along with you is a surefire way to remain natural like in this engagement shoot by Nicki Feltham.

8.  Choose a place that’s really meaningful to both of you
Choosing a place that is meaningful to you for some reason or another will help you feel true emotions instead of just putting on a smile because you’re supposed to look like you’re in love. Of course you love your other half, but being in a place that brings back memories will help you convey that without feeling forced like in this airport engagement shoot by  Juliet McKee of Sugar and Spice Photography.

9. Go somewhere architecturally awesome
Another one of my favourite engagement shoot features took place in Leadenhall Market, shot by Rik Pennington, and is not only fabulous because of the gorgeous couple and they’re quirky outfits, I am also head over heels obssessed with the way the architectural elements add to the photos.

10. Feed the ducks
Last but not least, pick an every day activity like feeding the ducks at a beautiful park near by. Go for a stroll, get in a paddle boat or just sit on the bench and let your photographer do the rest like in this shoot by Chris Jackson.

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