A Q&A with OMG Sponsor Dolceroopa Wedding & Bespoke Stationery

Hello OMG readers! Hope you’ve all had lovely weekends. I’m thrilled to introduce you all to a new and fabulous OMG sponsor DolceRoopa Wedding & Bespoke Stationery! I’m pretty sure you can tell that I love a good pop of colour now and again, and when I found out about DolceRoopa I knew immediately these designs were right up my alley. Full of brightly coloured, playful and graphic shapes and with the amazing ability of producing bilingual invitations and stationery suites, this little company has a really great and unique offer. Have a read below to get to know designer Roopa a bit more and make sure to check out her website for more details.

1. OMG Tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi, I’m Roopa and I’m the designer and stationer at Dolceroopa Wedding & Bespoke Stationery. I’m originally from NY but have been in London now for 4 years. My heritage is Indian, but I’ve lived in the UAE, Italy, and the United States and most recently the UK. I speak three different languages and just recently got married and had the pleasure of creating all my wedding stationery in a bilingual format. I love working with people as much as I love to create and have a passion for great design, quality printing and a bespoke service.

2. Describe yourself in 3 words
creative, energetic, patient

3. What do you wish all couples knew about you?
I am very versatile and fluid in my style given the diversity of clients that exist. Coming from an illustration background I enjoy bringing aspects of traditional illustration as well as patterning and design to my pieces. My invitation sets are both sophisticated and whimsical and I feel offer a different twist to a very traditional invite.

4. If you could give brides 1 tip, what would it be?
Having just experienced my own wedding, my main tip would be to really relax and enjoy the moments. With such a wonderful day ahead of you and all your friends and family there to share it with you there’s often little to be nervous or worried about. The little things that may not go exactly as planned are all part of what will make your day truly unique and magical. You and your hubby’s smile will be one of the most precious things you notice when looking at your pictures afterwards, and not all the other little details however perfect or imperfect they were.

5. If you could give grooms 1 tip, what would it be?
As much as this day and the moments may not have the same significance as it does to your bride, take some time to enjoy the fact that so many special people have come together to celebrate you and your future wife. I think when looking back at the pictures and video of the day some wonderful memories will be stirred.

6. Any wedding / wedding industry pet peeves?
I often think not as much importance or attention is given to an invitation suite compared to certain other aspects of the wedding. I truly do believe that a beautiful piece of stationery sets the mood and tone of a wedding and there are so many unique ways for couples to express themselves and draw their guests and families in to their event. I believe in listening and patience and in helping to guide a couple through to achieve a wedding suite they are in love with.

7. Where do you see your business in –
1 month – Achieving strong contacts within the wedding industry and developing a steady string of clients for the 2012 wedding season.
1 year – I see my business thriving and growing steadily with contacts gained not only from industry experts but also through word of mouth from invitations suites that are loved and cherished.
5 years – I would love to have achieved industry recognition, a loyal client list based on happy customers and potentially developed my range to start exhibiting at industry trade shows.

8. Anything else you want to share?
I work on a bespoke basis, although I am currently also working on a ready to order line that will launch in several months. Due to the unique nature of each invitation set and client requirements I believe in working with a client and their budget to achieve a stationery set they are happy with. Printing techniques I work with are digital and letterpress, letterpress being more expensive due to the labor intensive nature of the printing technique. I work with excellent printers at competitive prices and encourage couples to send me an email with their requirements so a detailed quote can be provided. No material or printing technique, however is unachievable and with every job I undertake I expect to provide for the couple exactly their vision even if it requires sourcing new techniques and methods of working. That’s part of my job. Love is such a wonderful and unique thing and I enjoy taking on projects that range from multicultural, bilingual, international and same sex marriages. Just send me an email and we’ll take it from there!

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