Cheeky & Charming Slumber Party Boudoir Shoot by Katherine Henry

Good morning OMG readers, hope you’re weekend is going well and you’ve managed to relax a bit. I’ve got a super cute, kitschy slumber party boudoir shoot for you today shot by Katherine Henry Boudoir.

I love the way this shoot walks the line between sexy, sweet, cheeky and kitsch. While most girls would probably rather die than be photographed in their underwear, I can’t help but think this would be a super cute hen party idea if you got to choose comfy, colourful PJs, not necessarily uber revealing shorts and crop tops, but more like 80’s style big tshirts, stripey leggings, or whatever suits your fancy and personal style. Here is what Katherine had to say about the photos –

“This is a styled boudoir shoot that I created with Tara Vaccaro Gudmundsen of Tada Makeup (love this name!) We wanted to show a twist on boudoir that was super playful and fun. Everyone remembers the days of hanging out with their girl friends, reading magazines and painting their nails. Sometimes it’s nice to revisit those days.”

Love it. Make sure to check out the Katherine Henry Boudoir website for more details and enjoy your day!

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