Mini Luxury Cheesecakes by the English Cheesecake Company for your Wedding Day

Mondays are generally my day of “starting the week off right” and trying in some way to be good about the way I eat and live in general. If you are the same, I’m sorry to inform you I have a totally indulgent evening feature for you. Having featured the English Cheesecake Company during one of the first weeks of blogging 2 years ago, I was pleased to hear from them again earlier this year about their new luxury mini cheesecake range they now offer for weddings. Offering a delicious alternative and truly decorative individual cake for each guest, this company takes the cupcake trend a step further with loads of different contemporary flavours to wow your wedding guests. Choose from Toffee Pecan , Raspberry White Chocolate, Toffee Crunch, Chocolate Profiterole Smash, Sicilian Lemon, New York Baked Vanilla, Strawberry Vanilla, Honey I’m Comb Golden Nugget, Strawberry Vanilla, Sicilian Lemon, Millionaires Shortbread, Alphonso Mango Passionate, Blueberry White Chocolate, or Cookies & Cream and impress your guests with not only delicious tastin cake but some pretty impressive looking edible works of art!

So, if you’re interested in trying out one of these bad boys, a sample cheesecake can be ordered and sent to you with the cost refunded on receipt of your final order. And whether you give English Cheesecake Company 18 months or 8 days notice, they will ensure your cheesecake arrives at your wedding venue on time and in perfect condition. To order a sample box of mini cheesecakes or a full size cheesecake or to view our full range visit their website for more details.

And here is what they look like in person!

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