Tuesday Top 10 Creative Bouquet Ideas for the Modern Bride

Hello there OMG readers, today’s Top 10 is all about walking down the aisle. Have a look below at some of my favourite modern twists on the traditional bouquet!

1. Pine cone bouquet inspired by the Hunger Games
Part of a gorgeous shoot over on One Hand Spun Day shot by Meghan Christine.

2. Modern metal wire bouquet
Awesomely architectural wire bouquet via Bridal Snob. What’s great about this idea is that you can shape the bouquet however you’d like and even spray paint the wire any colour you’d like.

3. Fabric Bouquet
Found on Pinterest via Southern Wedding Magazine, this is a great idea if you’re incorporating loads of different textiles into your big day. Coordinate the fabrics of your bridesmaid dresses, table cloths, photobooth backdrops – you name it and tie your bouquet into your big day.

4. Paper flowers bouquet
This one isn’t the newest idea on the block but having seen quite a few that feel a bit too vintage for my taste, I love the monochromatic feel of this gorgeous bouquet found on Pinterest via 100 Layer Cake. It inspires loads of ideas involving larger typographic designs on stark white paper giving a modern edge to the typewriter feel most of the bouquets I’ve seen using this technique evoke.

5. Paper flowers bouquet version deux
Another absolutely gorgeous execution, these bouquets by Frances & Frances are totally amazing and borderline paper porn for the designers out there. The texture, colours and detail are to die for.

6. Airplant Bouquet
OMG. Who knew airplants could look so fabulous? This bouquet is from an exquisite wedding on Green Wedding Shoes and totally knocks my socks off. I love the monochromatic modern feel and the graphic lines of the leaves twisting elegantly around the bouquet. J’ador.

7. OMG DIY Giant Paper Flower why don’t you…
LOVE. Via Green Wedding Shoes. Check out Brooklyn Bride as well for even more oversized flower ideas.

8. Heavenly Heather Bouquet
Part of a gorgeous 70’s inspired shoot featured on Rockn’Roll Bride by the ever-chic Mary Lee Herrington of Forever & Ever Events, this bouquet is a beautiful alternative to flowers.

9. OMG Lollipop BOUQUET?!?
The black and white stripes are killing me right now. These creations by Lollipop Brides are the perfect combination of graphic stripes + sweets.

10. Yarn Ball Bouquet
This ethereal yarn ball bouquet via Green Wedding Shoes shot by Sassyfras Studios is another great graphic detail to consider if you’re looking for alternatives to flowers. Stunning.

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