Alice Made This – Subtle Chic Designer Cufflinks for the Modern Groom

OMG. I love a good cufflink. Especially when there are so many out there that are not so good. These are the tiny details that finish off that perfect wedding day you’ve always dreamed about. The photos of the groom and his father adjusting a french cuff, or fixing a bow tie. Perfection. So often the grooms don’t get as many choices as the brides, but they are just as important! Enter the lovely Alice Made This who was struggling to find the right accessories for her husband so decided to make some of her own! Amaze.

A bit of background first – Alice developed her style from experience working for none other than the incredible designer Tom Dixon (OMG) where she was inspired by his individual approach, his interest in manufacturing and his love for raw material aesthetic. I love these totally gorgeous, subtle and chic pieces that are perfect for the groom who as an eye for modern design. Available in a variety of colours, with or without an engraved initial, even the packaging crosses the “i’s” and dots the “t’s” for me.

Make sure to check out the Alice Made This website for more details and treat your man to some style.

First a quick video about the process…

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