ChoccyWoccyDooDah Chocolate Extravaganza!

If you know me even a little bit, you know I love anything chocolate and anything that is cake related. I can eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner and it would do me just fine. This taken into consideration, I am actually quite proud of myself for not completely consuming the entire ChoccyWoccyDoodah London based cake shop on Carnaby Street this past Wednesday evening at their Bloggers event to celebrate the opening of their new shop. Which. Let me tell you. Is incredible.

Charley of London Bride, Fanni of Dashing Magazine and I were greeted at the door and offered amazing champagne milkshakes as soon as we arrived and it just got more and more lavish from there. Chocolate cakes adorned all the tables with amazingly intricate chocolate decorations all about, in addition to – hello – the chocolate buffet! Amazing. I’m not dropping any hints or anything bu this place would be fabulous for a hen party! What girl doesn’t like a bit of chocolate?

If you have for some crazy reason, not heard of (*gasp!*) the infamous ChoccyWoccyDoodah guys, and are in search of an altogether extravagant, uber special and show-stopping wedding cake, then check them out. They rock. Check out their new blog and go get yourself some chocolate.

Thanks to Penny and Martin of Tino & Pip Photography for sharing these fab photos and enjoy your day!

Here is a quick little video of some serious chocolate magic in action

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