First Ever Bordelle Bridal Collection for the Fashion Forward Bride

OMG. I am mega excited. Following the lust worthy Tuesday Top 10 Fashion Forward Bridal & Honeymoon Lingerie feature from earlier this year, I was pleased to hear from the people over at Bordelle about their new bridal line launching in select stores this month!

Aimed at the “non classic bride,” the Bordelle fan appreciates the signature bodycon style seen in some of the pieces below. What I love about this collection is that it’s more like fashion than underwear. You almost want to wear it out on its own, it’s so fabulous. Shouldn’t all lingerie be like that? The pieces are sexy and seductive referencing bondage and highlighting the feminine form in a sensual way, but the cream and white colours somehow tone it down a bit, making it more subtle, sensual and romantic.

Make sure to check out the Bordelle website for more details and have alovely day!

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