Glammed Up London City Chic Engagement Shoot – Ali & Sam

Good afternoon everyone! Hope you all have fabulous plans for the Easter weekend. I’m more than pleased to start off the holidays with a city chic, glammed up engagement shoot shot by the lovely Hannah Mia alongside makeup artist Annabelle Miller. These two are actually pairing up to offer a new engagement/couple shoot package, where Annabelle provides professional hair/make-up while Hannah takes the photos which I think is mega exciting since who doesn’t need a bit of a touch up to make the experience just that much more luxurious and fun?!

The featured couple and newlyweds Ali and Sam were getting married the week after the shoot in a small registry office wedding with just witnesses, so, they wanted to do a fun shoot together prior. Hannah says “the shoot was a great reflection of their personalities – they’re a bit rock’n’roll and glamorous so their gorgeous outfits reflected this and towards the end of the shoot Annabelle added some vampy red lipstick, which made for some really sexy photos – Sam couldn’t take his hands off Ali in that amazing dress! In fact, Annabelle and I were exchanging some “aww” faces because he kept commenting on how beautiful Ali looked throughout the day.”

Don’t you think these two look like they belong in an ad campaign? Effortlessly cool and totally gorgeous. Make sure to check out Hannah Mia’s website for more details and enjoy!

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