Peyton & Stan’s Homey 11 Stages of Wine Geekdom Engagement Shoot

As today is Sunday and it is often a day of spending time with family, my new husband and making a *hopefully* yummy meal to enjoy over wine before the craziness of the week begins, I thought this fabulous engagement shoot by Anna and Spencer Photography is particularly suitable for those homebodies spending the end of the weekend with their loved ones as I plan to do.

You probably know by now that I love a good engagement shoot and what I love about today’s feature is the totally relaxed way in which Peyton and Stan have been captured in the comfort of their home, doing what they love best. Cooking, goofing around and drinking wine. If you’re planning your engagement shoot but don’t really know where to start, why not take note from these guys and choose something you both love, be it baseball, museums, cooking or wine, and use this common interest to help inform your shoot, rather than coming up with a crazy theme that’s just not you. Peyton and Stan based their fabulous engagement shoot around their appreciation and obsession with wine according to a few rules they have set…

So what are the 11 stges of Wine Geekdom you ask?

1. GENESIS: Have an epiphany wine that makes you want to get more serious about wine.
2. CONFUSION: Realize that there are so many bewildering choices that it is difficult to decide what to buy.
3. DISCIPLESHIP: Start following the ratings of a respected wine critic as a guide to what to buy.
4. COGNITIVE DISSONANCE: Do your best to tell yourself that you are actually enjoying all the highly rated wines you are drinking.
5. AWAKENING: Realize that taste in wine is subjective and you need to determine for yourself what you like.
6. RAGE: What the **** am I going to do with all this wine I bought that I don’t actually like?
7. DINNER PARTIES: Unload the wine on friends at no-wine-geek dinner parties. They will be impressed as the wines are highly rated.
8. THE QUEST: Taste, taste, and taste some more to see what regions, producers and vintages you like.
10. DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL: OMFG these things are expensive.
11. INNER PEACE: German Riesling! And cheap too!

Now go pour yourself a glass of red and enjoy these gorgeously genuine photos by Anna and Spencer Photography!

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