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Hello OMG readers! Hope you all got up to loads of fabulous things this weekend and are ready for another truckload of wedding inspiration starting this morning. I’m so thrilled to introduce you to the gorgeous Amy Clutterbuck of online wedding accessories boutique Vintage Styler as one of my newest sponsors. Not only does VS stock some really great vintage pieces by some of my favourite designers like Debbie Carlisle Vintage and Lily Bella Birdcage Veils but they also offer a wider range of different styles, catering to pretty much every type of bride’s wishes. Whether you’re after a veil, some jewelry or even a vintage style bag or clutch, she’s got it and with a stylist background, you know it’s going to be just right.

Amy took the time to answer a few questions about what she does so you can all get to know a bit more about her so have a browse below and make sure to hop on over to her website for more details!

1. OMG Tell us a bit about yourself?
Hello! I’m Amy and I run Vintage Styler which is an online bridal accessory boutique packed full of gorgeous vintage inspired and classic hair accessories, veils, couture handmade garters, vintage style bags and wedding day accessories! I started out as a bridal hair stylist and makeup artist, and have now made the move into accessories. I feel that the experience I have gained over 8 years of styling bridal hair has given me so much knowledge as to what accessory goes with what hair style, dress style and the overall wedding day feel.

2. Describe yourself in 3 words
Ambitious, Fun, Creative

3. What do you wish all couples knew about you?
We don’t just sell vintage inspired accessories, we stock all sorts of styles of accessories which can be adapted to almost any wedding theme!

4. If you could give brides 1 tip, what would it be?
From my own experience I’d say definitely to relax and not to stress about things which maybe in the future you won’t be too bothered about. I think every bride has at least a few elements of a wedding which are more important to them than other things (mine was my amazing Peggy Porschen wedding cake!) but if you get too focused on every detail then it becomes stressful and takes the fun out of it.

5. If you could give grooms 1 tip, what would it be?
Get involved! Maybe not in the girly things, (unless you want to!) but to avoid anything happening on the day that you might have wanted to do differently. We believe a wedding should reflect both personalities, and we love it when you can clearly see both bride and groom have put their stamp on their big day.

6. Any wedding / wedding industry pet peeves?
I hate it when a bride says to me that she has been told that she must wear a certain accessory or must have a certain type of flowers etc, it’s your wedding day and you shouldn’t be ruled by anyone else, just go for what you think is right and what you like – otherwise all weddings would be the same!

7. Where do you see your business in –

1 month
We’re moving into a brand new, much bigger office space with lots more room for filling with hundreds of vintage goodies!

1 year
I love the thought of making my own VS range of accessories, hopefully I will have the time to explore this in a years time!

5 years
Obviously, being a relatively new business, I would love for VS to become one of the big retailers of bridal accessories in years to come, not just hair pieces and garters but shoes, underwear, wraps, belts….the list is endless! We’re so excited about the future for VS, and will continue our focus on customer service, bridal styling advice and most of all keeping things fun!

8. Anything else you want to share?
We’ve just become stockists of fabulous Lily Bella birdcage veils and are so excited to introduce a selection of pieces to VS! We’re constantly expanding our stock ranges, and encourage people to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with all our newest stock and offers!

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