Subway Love – A New York Metro Inspired Engagement Shoot – Kim & Zack

Good morning OMG readers! Another fabulous engagement shoot by the lovely Kristin Reimer of Photomuse for you today featuring a couple, Kim and Zack met on a subway car in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn. How cute and romantic is this?

Zack said that he has noticed Kim on the subway one day and decided to make up an excuse to interrupt her conversation with a friend and asl for directions. After some playful banter, he made his way down to the subway platform wishfully thinking about the girl he had just met. As fate would have it, a few minutes later while Kim was also excitedly pondering the guy whom had just surprisingly approached her, the two former strangers serendipitously reconnected on the subway platform and stepped into the same train car moments before the doors closed. Fate?

A little more than 3 years later, Zack brough Kim back to the place where they had first met and caught her off guard outside the subway station on Court and Montague yet again, this time with a wedding proposal.

Such is the stuff that wedding dreams are made of – a perfect story! Thanks so much Kristin of Photomuse for sharing!

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