Tuesday Top 10 Non Floral Centerpieces for your Wedding Reception

Today’s top 10 is all about the decor and details. So many brides turn straight to flowers for their centerpieces because it’s what is expected and what’s recommended. Not only do flowers look fantastic but they smell incredible too – so why wouldn’t you want a room full of beautiful blooms for your big day. There are plenty of people doing uber creative things with floral displays, however if you are looking for an alternative route, where blooms don’t take center stage in your decor ideas, have a look below at some of my favourite options.

1. Candle Centerpieces
You can absolutely never go wrong with candles. Especially if you are having dimmer lighting, these are like you’re new best friends. Just the subtle flicker of flames will make the atmosphere romantic and twinkly. The more the merrier in my opinion!

Photo via Pinterest.

2. Pretty Paper
Like a Christmas Tree – but for your wedding, choose a selection of patterned and textured papers that match your colour scheme and wrap up a bunch of boxes for an easy DIY but effective centerpiece! It’s a great way to tie everything together.

Photo via Events to a T

3. Go classy with glass centerpieces
Using candles and loads of different heights of glass vases you can great a really beautiful, modern centerpiece without breaking the bank.

Photo via Pinterest

4. Oh. Hello. Terrarium Centerpiece!
One of my newest obsessions is the terrarium trend! I might be slightly behind the curve here but these things are totally awesome! I love the idea of different shaped glasses being used the feeling that the centerpiece is this living, breathing mini ecosystem it totes amaze.

Photo via this AWESOME wedding on 100 Layer Cake

5. Light it up
Whether they’re functional or decorative, using lamps for your centerpieces help create a comfy, homey feel and reference more of an interior design angle for your wedding.

Photo from Elizabeth Anne Designs by Sarah Maren.

Photo by Marianne Taylor from our wedding!

6. Trees
I LOVE THESE. They are too cool and tres unique. I love the idea of guests or the bride and groom taking them home and planting them in their garden as an everlasting remembrance of such a fun day.

Via Texas Weddings

7. Paper Flower Wedding Centerpiece
AHHH PAPER FLOWERS! Technically non floral in the living sense so I had to include this because it is FANTASTIC.

Found via Pinterest. Of course.

8. Birdcages
So yes, we’ve seen this loads of times before on wedding blogs, all very pretty, but what I love about this image is the fact that it feels modern, not vintage and the bright red ribbon on top of the birdcage adds the perfect pop of colour. I also love the sweet idea of putting a paper cut out of a bird inside the cage.

Photo via This and That in my Treasure Box

9. Get Leafy Keen
Take a tip from Martha Stewart Weddings and spray paint dried leaves with gold paint for the perfect budget friendly but fabulous centerpiece. This one is absolutely GORGE.

10. Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece
And. Last but not least – this amazing little piece of art! I mean, seriously, why not? Go sculptural with your centerpieces, get creative with balloons, baskets and more.

Photo from Logan Cole Photography

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