A Fun Lovin’ Canary Wharf Love Shoot – Bobbi & Ryan

So, I totes just love today’s couple Bobbi & Ryan. Sure, engagement shoots always feature happy couples, however I can’t help but feel like these two are just super fun people. I love Bobbi’s beautiful smile and the way that Claudia Rose Carter managed to capture their carefree attitude.

What’s also exciting is that Bobbi is a fellow blogger! She blogs all things design related and is originally from the states. (woop x 2)

These two decided to have a bit of a swanky start in terms of outfit choice which always makes it just that extra bit special and headed for Narrow Street near Canary Wharf before a quick outfit change and stop at Gordon Ramsay’s The Narrow pub for a drink! I really love these photos and I especially love the cute little series Claudia takes of those little romantic moments.

Thanks so much to Claudia Rose Carter for sharing this shoot, head on over to her website for more details and enjoy the day!

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