Funky & Vibrant Cumberland Hotel Bridal Shoot by Victoria Grech

Good morning OMG readers, I have a bright and colourful mid week pick-me-up for you to feast your eyes on! Today’s shoot was taken by fashion inspired wedding photographer Victoria Grech at the Cumberland Hotel in conjunction with designers Ozwald Boateng and Justin Alexander. The shoot started off at a wide eyed 4am in the super cool and vibrant Jimi Hendrix suite and carried on throughout the day at various locations within the venue. It’s kind of like you’re seeing into the lives of three very different couples!

Make sure to head on over to Victoria Grech’s website for more details and see below for a behind the scenes video!


The Cumberland Hotel bridal shoot – Ozwald Boateng & Justin Alexander BTS from Victoria Grech Cinematography on Vimeo.

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