Modern, Elegant and Stylish Queen of Hearts Buttercream Couture Wedding Cakes

Sugar addicts be warned, today’s feature is full of sweet buttercream goodness brought to you by buttercream artists behind the Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes. O. EM. GEE. These cakes are awesome. Now, I don’t discriminate when it comes to cake, because I love it all. Anything thats frosted and fabulous is welcome in my world of sugar obsession, but I have to admit I have a soft spot in my heart for buttercream. First of all, it tastes sinfully delicious, and second of all it adds such a nice contrast to spongey cake I literally cannot get enough. The thing about this type of frosting, however, is that although it tastes fantastic, it is far more difficult to manipulate. Anyone who has ever tried to write the words “happy birthday” on a frosted cake with the squeezy tubes will know what I mean. So what does this mean for wedding cakes? I took my cake very seriously as of course everyone wants theirs to make an impact but also taste good. However, thanks to the ladies behind this great little cake company, brides are now able to have a modern, elegant and stylish buttercream cake if their hearts desire! Also totally noteworthy are the gorgeous handpainted and decorated cookies! Totes loving the Wedgwood inspired illustrated ones!

If this tickles your fancy, and it sure does mine, make sure to check out the Queen of Hearts Couture Cakes website – they are one of the only companies that offer this type of frosting and are not to be missed!

Make sure to check out this awesome series of workshops starting next week where you can learn how to do buttercream flowers from the experts.

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