Introducing OMG Sponsor Honeymoon Pixie

Good morning OMG readers, hope you are enjoying the absolutely amazing weather this week. Makes me think of going on holiday. Or even better… another honeymoon! (cue husband fainting in the background). No but seriously, taking some time to spend with your brand spankin’ new husband post wedding excitement is an absolute must. Whether it’s a minimoon to a beautiful B&B close by or a year long excursion around the world, make sure you leave some time for a holiday together.

With more and more couples getting married later on in their relationships, people are finding the traditional registry of household gifts less and less helpful due to the fact that they already have most of the things you need in your day to day life. Enter Honeymoon Pixie!

Honeymoon Pixie provides a honeymoon registry service to engaged couples. It’s similar to a traditional
registry; however guests purchase fun activities for you to enjoy during your honeymoon. Instead of another toaster, couples can opt to have the experiences associated with their dream honeymoon!

The honeymoon registry is becoming popular as many couples find it most appropriate for their needs. After all, the purpose of a gift registry is to take the guesswork out of gift giving. It’s also eco and green friendly, as there is no driving to the stores to shop, no packaging waste, no gift wrapping, no returns, etc. And wedding guests love the convenience.

Not only does Honeymoon Pixie receive 5-star ratings from it’s users but it also earned the Bride’s Choice Awards 2012 for excellence in quality & service, which we all know is an absolute must in the wedding industry. In addition to the registry service, there is also a Honeymoon Planning section that covers destination guides, planning tips, traveling essentials, etc. with lots of resources and it’s all free.

Last but not least, Honeymoon Pixie founders Gina and Andrew are involved in a number of local volunteering activities and charities and offer a charity gift category with all of their pre-built honeymoon registries. Wedding guests can then contribute money as a wedding gift to a specific cause.

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