OMG Goes to Milan to see the launch of David Fielden’s 2013 Bridal Collection

For those of you who follow me on twitter or instagram, you will know that somehow I was lucky enough to go to Milan this last weekend for the La Sposa 2013 bridal exhibition, the highlight being, no doubt, an invitation to cover the David Fielden runway show launching his 2013 collection. Being an avid fan of David’s work for some time now, I honestly could not pass it up and so I hopped on a plane to Milano and off I went!

Aside from the sheer joy of siting front row at the show, I was also – to my amazement – allowed to have a bit of a sneaky peak back stage during rehearsal and the last few hours of prep. Pretty much my dream come true, to say the least.

I’ve included a selection of some of my favourite photos below along side my slightly blurred shots of the show. In short, it was absolutely spectacular. Backstage was busy but not chaotic and David Fielden and his team were incredibly composed, organised and incredibly kind – something you might not expect from fashion dahhhling.

I’ll try to be brief in my recap… Upon arrival at the exhibition, I had a quick browse and then headed back stage about 2 hours before the show started. There was an eerie sort of calm hanging in the air, the models were having their makeup finished, all the dresses were hung on the racks and the show photographers were shooting the girls during prep. The soundtrack for the show was playing loudly in the background and set the tone for the rest of the afternoon perfectly. Dramatic and seriously epic.

The David Fielden team were milling about, going through each model and her changes according to their charts, trying on pieces if necessary to get the order right. Each model was assigned a staff member to help her during the show.

One of the best bits had to be when the dry ice was brought in. Everyone gathered around in silence and watched as David himself demonstrated exactly what he wanted. He described the pace and the way in which he’d like all the girls to walk and talked about his influence for the collection – Joan of Arc. He instructed them to be strong, powerful, warrior-like and to think medieval.

The girls went through 3 or 4 run-thrus to get the pace and overall order right and then carefully got into their first outfits after trying on the headpieces to make sure they would stay put.

Now, seeing the dresses on a rack was impressive to begin with, it was easy to see the amount of work and stunning choices of fabrics and details incorporated in each piece, however seeing the gowns on a moving form was a completely different story. The way the dresses fit the models was such a perfect example of how David Fielden understands the female physique: accentuating the right parts, showing and hiding through sheer layering to create a modern sense of sexiness, introducing new and edgy silhouettes which continue to push the boundaries of bridal fashion. The collection as a whole had a soft sort of power to it and with a reference such as Joan of Arc, how could it not. But the thing that struck me most was that I could see this inspiration easily, but it still felt romantic and contemporary, and most importantly, bridal. The dresses were incredible and moved on the runway through a low sitting cloud of smoke, making the models seem as if they were floating.

Everything about the show was dramatic and perfectly modern. Thank you so so much to the David Fielden team for having me and I can’t wait to start seeing brides wear these dresses!

Make sure to head on over to the David Fielden website for more details and enjoy!


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