Tuesday Top Tips for Making Vintage Modern by Zoe Lem in time for her Vintage Wedding Fair this weekend!

Good morning and happy Tuesday! Today’s top tips are brought to you by the fabulous stylist and vintage expert Zoe Lem who is hosting this up coming weekend’s Vintage Wedding Fair happening just around the corner from me in Clerkenwell. She says “brides used to come to me at my boutique and tell me about their ‘1930’s, 40’s or 50’s’ style weddings and ask advice on what to wear. Certain era silhouettes suit certain body shapes and my collection has been designed using original patterns to create the perfect dresses to suit your body shape according to era”. Widely known as the Vintage Shape Mistress, Zoe and her team know fashion and know women’s bodies too.

This is the 4th annual fair and this year is bigger and more wonderful than ever before, with over 50 exhibitors, fashion shows, vintage DJ’s, singers, tea rooms and champagne on tap!

In addition to this there will be a number of workshops taking place throughout the day on everything from body shapes, the history of vintage, catering and hair & make-up. This hands on addition to designed to get guests involved, educate them, make sure their planning process is memorable rather than stressful and ensure they make the correct choices for their special day.

Zoe Lem’s Vintage Wedding Fair is taking place at The Old Sessions House, Clerkenwell, East London on Sunday 28th October from 10am -5pm. Tickets are priced at just £6 when purchased in advance through ticketweb.co.uk or £10 on the door.

So what better way than to start your day with some tips from the style guru herself on how to make vintage modern?

1. Be careful!
Girls become quite obsessed with opting for a theme when it comes to their wedding, I say be careful when organising a vintage style wedding going too themed as you really do not want to end with a set for a period drama unless that is the look you are going for.

2. Find the right silhouette for the right body
I am not a purist when it comes to the vintage style wedding dresses that I design era wise as for me it is about finding the right silhouette to suit the body shape. I have dresses that combine era’s to create solution to a bride’s body shape and style requirements.

3. It is ok to mix it up as long as aesthetically it works.
The lines are pretty fussy between the era’s as of course when you get to late 20’s there are touches of the 30’s, late 40’s set the scene for the early 50’s and so on. Even in the 30’s people would look retrospectively to the Victorian period and take influences, shape and detail so you really can bring together the best of the decades.

4. Make your mark
If you decide you want a fully themed vintage wedding then of course I’m sure it will be fabulous but with the Vintage trend so prevalent today many of the images I see of weddings look very similar and brides are trying so hard to add detail, make their mark but unfortunately the is a lot of same old same old.

5. Add a modern touch with accessories
Bring your vintage inspired in to 2012, you can often create much more of an individual look feel to both the dress and the whole wedding by throwing a modern touch in there. The Frida shoot hat I did using Tatty Devine Perspex jewellery was for me a way of taking the traditional wedding out of wedding. The dresses were all vintage style but by using a modern material and throwing a Mexican blast of colour in there it totally changes it all up.

6. Choose influences that inspire you
Look for influences out of the traditional wedding box, for me Mexico and Frida Khlalo are very close to my heart my honeymoon was spent driving around Mexico drinking tequila and eating nachos but I am so inspired by colour and abstract uses of shape and form. There are so many ideas that you could bring in to you vintage style wedding to shake it up and really individualise it.

7. Don’t just follow trends for the sake of it
I would say look to things that really exit you and men something rather than following the gang the trends and themes that everyone are going for. As long as you find the perfect shape to suit your body shape, the silhouette that most flatters and makes the most of your best bits but the silhouette is balanced head to toe then you can have fun and really create an inspiring look.

8. Don’t try too hard
I know the trend is to detail, detail but sometimes less is more and a simple clever style can say so much more than over doing everything. If you go for too much detail and too many statements they get lost. The best compliment you can get on your wedding day is that ‘you look amazing’ and that they don’t know how or why just a seamless organic beautiful style rather than nice dress or shoes as it means the rest is not working so well together, the dress is too much of a statement on its own.

9. Work with your fabulous shape
When working out what shape works got you just image yourself as a rectangle, the three body shapes are hour glass, pear shape and straight up and down the corners of the rectangle are your shoulders and hips. So hour glass the corners remain and the centre is nipped in. Pear shape the top corners are narrower than the bottom (hips) and for straight up and down the rectangle remains do no nip in the middle. If you want to find out more I will be doing talks on body shape and which era suits which shape st my vintage wedding fair 28th oct old sessions house and I can help you find your perfect shape.


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