An Intimate Tartan + Lace Wedding in Umbria – Mike & Kellie

Good morning OMG readers! Welcome to the beginning of another week of wedding bliss. This morning is brought to you by the fabulous Clair Estelle and features newlyweds Mike & Kellie who were married in a totally swoon-worthy wedding in Umbria, Italy.

The two started off with a beautiful ceremony at Todi Town Hall followed by a scrumptious reception at the Tenuta Di Canonca Hotel. With only 25 guests, this wedding was incredibly intimate and personal for the couple and just the way they wanted it.

Kellie looked absolutely beautiful in her Allure Bridal dress which she customised with the help of Barbara The Dressmaker. She says “it was the dressmaker who did magical things to my gown, turning it from A-line to mermaid and opening up the back up to make it more dramatic.” She chose adorable flats for her shoes as Umbrian villages are notorious for their cobblestone streets and she wanted to save her feet for the evening dancing since both she and Mike are latin dancers and performed later on in the evening! Because her gown had a beautiful open back, she chose to have her hair in a low side bun expertly fashioned by Emiliano (Milo) Sabariz who travels between Italy and London which allowed her to have a trial in London prior to the big day. The whole look was finished with a lovely hairslide by Lulu Splendor on Etsy. The bride suggests using Etsy for loads of wedding details – including those things you didn’t even know you needed or existed like the couple’s guest book which turned out to be a puzzle!

Mike’s kilt was ordered from Marchbrae in Edinburgh and it took him 30min to get dressed so he could help out with all the decorations.

Mike and Kellie chose to highlight their day with bouquets of Scottish thistle, lavender, akito roses, rosemary and olive leaves which were organised and made by a local florist. These were significant as they represented Mike’s home country, Kellie’s grandmother’s garden in England then of course Italy, where the two were tying the knot. These tied in perfectly with the overall theme of tartan, lace and Scottish thistle. The couple chose to make all the decorations themselves, with the help of friends and family, and I just love all the embroidery hoops covered in lace and glass jars they used to balance out the tartan patterns.

The cherry on top was the traditional ITalian cake and custom made topper by Artlocke Designs, which was of the couple in their wedding get up! Kellie had to send through photos of their hairstyles and outfits etc. so that Cheryl at Artlocke Designs could recreate the look. All the guests thought it was fantastic and since it lasts forever it is sitting proudly in the newlywed’s house as a lovely reminder of their big day.

Advice from the bride and best decision made:
A great thing about getting married abroad is that the celebration lasts longer, so you don’t have “the day just flew by” feeling that you hear brides talk about so often. I strongly recommend finding a local wedding planner who can help you with local paperwork requirements, finding a translator for the ceremony, organise flowers, cars, buses, venue and all the things that local knowledge is essential for. Monina Bucci from Italian Wedding Dreams helped us and without her things wouldn’t have happened. She also made sure that the day ran smoothly which meant so we were asked about 6 questions throughout the whole day and other than that we were left to enjoy myself rather than worry about things. Having Monina help us cost about 10% of our budget and it was money absolutely well spent – we wouldn’t have done it without her.

Mike and I were very nontraditional and decided that we wanted to spend the night together rather than on a couch in our parents hotel room (the villa had 13 rooms and all were filled with guests). I expected that I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night and I knew that if there was one person I wanted to wake up and be excited with was Mike! It turns out I slept like a baby! We then went and had breakfast together and were joined by the guests as they got up. After our lazy breakfast we went our own ways to get ready, so he didn’t see me till I walked down the aisle. I think this is another reason the day didn’t “fly by” – we weren’t waiting to see each other the whole day, we really did share the day together.

All I can say is that you must choose the right photographer. I’d had a family friend who had a terrible experience so when I met Clair Estelle at a friend’s wedding, I was very keenly observing her. We knew Clair’s style was reportage which is our strong preference and what is amazing about Clair is her ability to be ‘everywhere’ in terms of the photos she takes, but ‘nowhere’ not imposing or making herself known. She captures perfectly the fantastic little moments of the day without you even being aware of her and for the hour of our photo shoot we had with her for our photo shoot we had so much fun!

Thanks so much to Clair Estelle for sharing such a gorgeous wedding and enjoy!

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