Introducing Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium Couture Wedding Cakes

OH. EM. GEE. Do I have a treat for you this morning. If you read my blog even the tiniest bit, you will know I am a sucker for sweet stuff and I absolutely LOVE cake. Love it. It is the easiest way to settle a dispute in my household – a slice of cake and I am immediately disarmed. Husbands take note!

Cake is also one my favourite things to feature on OMG because those who do cake well are artistic geniuses! Hence why I am utterly amazed by the uber talented Elizabeth Solaru of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium. Now, obsessive that I am on all social media channels, I first came across Elizabeth’s creations whilst stalking the infamous Mark Niemierko. I was immediately wowed by some super chic sweets and just a few weeks later I was lucky enough to meet Elizabeth at the launch of Weddings by Harrods. Hooray! I did very little to hide my enthusiasm as I’m sure you can imagine. And so, following a very excited discussion about all things sugary, I am incredibly pleased to share with you a selection of cakes from the Majestic 2013 Collection. With designs ranging from the Marie Antoinette, the ultimate queen of excess, to the more contemporary Travel Queen, each cake is intricately crafted to match every bride’s inner princess style.

Available in over 45 (and counting) delicious flavours including the really decadent Triple Chocolate, Luscious Lemon, Caramel to the more bespoke Wasabi and White Chocolate, the cakes reflect Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium commitment to treating each bride like royalty. Uhm. Yes please. There are literally too many of these for me to choose a favourite but check out the Marie Antoinette style cake!! Literally OMG.

Thanks so much to Elizabeth for sharing and head on over to her website for more details!

Photo credits:
Cristina Rossi Photography
Cecelina Tornberg
FO Photography
Kat Forsyth Photography

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