OMG Update – Parant Parant Luxury Floral Bridal Headpieces for SS13

Hello OMG readers! I have yet another fashion update for you from Swedish designer Orjan Jakobsson featured on OMG many a time. Today it is all about structured floral headpieces (if not make sure to check out my all time favourite gold lace headpiece from two years ago) As I’ve mentioned before, Orjan has a unique perspective on millinery as he has worked previously as a hair dresser so understands the way women like to feel when it comes to styling and knows how hair likes to behave (and misbehave!). He takes this along with inspiration from old furniture, flowers, fabrics and crocheted tablecloths to create his collections.

Make sure to head on over to the Parant Parant website for more details and enjoy!

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